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May 23, 2017

Tropical African Drink Recipes

Drink recipes for fresh tropical fruit drinks. Collection includes recipes for mango, lime, ginger, pineapple, guava, papaya, and fruit punch.

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May 23, 2017

Homemade Guava Jam

Easy Recipe for making homemade guava jam

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Feb 12, 2017

Cornbread Made From Scratch

A traditional Liberian cornbread recipe made from scratch with cornmeal.

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Jan 26, 2017

Traditional Liberian Ricebread Recipe

Ricebread is an easy to make traditional bread from Liberia made with plantains (or bananas) and rice flour.

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Feb 04, 2016

Banana Nut Cake

This is an easy to make banana nut cake recipe

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Jan 20, 2016

Bread Recipes For Easy and Delicious Homemade Breads

A collection of African bread recipes for making a variety of homemade breakfast breads, doughnuts and fritters.

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Jul 23, 2015

Fried Potato Greens and Rice

Potato greens , made from the leaves of the sweet potato plant, are highly nutritious. Cooked with chicken, beef, and shrimp and served with rice for dinner.

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Apr 15, 2015

Eggplant Sauce

Eggplant is fried and sautéed with chicken, beef, and shrimp. Fried spinach is eaten with rice for dinner.

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