Gardening for Children

Whether it's a bean in a Styrofoam cup or a sunflower in the family garden, gardening can be a fascinating, fun way for kids to learn about agriculture and nature. There's no "right" time of the year to start gardening. Different kinds of flowers and edible plants thrive during different seasons of the year. Even if it's winter, kids can nurture a plant indoors and plant it outside once spring arrives. The best part about gardening might be that it doesn't require any special schooling or training. There are plenty of online resources to help get a garden started.

Master Gardeners Online: Florist Resources

The Master Gardeners of Pickens County have pulled together a variety of resources for those interested in gardening. There are links to official gardening programs, as well as garden information for kids.

Arizona Garden Club Links and Resources

There are hundreds of thousands of different types of flowers, and learning about them might seem intimidating. That's why the Arizona Federation of Garden Clubs put resources like this one together. From home composting to the nearest arboretum, this page covers a variety of educational links on flowers and gardening.

Links of Interest for the Online Florist

Flowers generally get along well with insects, but there are certain bugs that love nothing better than to munch on a garden. Both professional florists and casual enthusiasts will find these resources on pest and garden management useful.

Special Flower Delivery!: Floral Recipes, DIYs, and Gifts

Presenting someone with a bouquet of flowers is always nice, but there's much more that can be done with home gardens! The University City Garden Club has a collection of articles on everything from homemade baked acorn squash to square-foot gardening for kids.

Flower Delivery for the Big Apple

New York might be the city that never sleeps, but it's also the city with a surprising love of gardening. This website lists several New York gardening hubs, as well as some recommended books about gardening and landscaping.

Gardening for Kids

Gardening doesn't have to be just about flowers and trees. There's a whole world of conservation out there, and this page has all the links to get young naturalists started.

Insects, Bonsai, and Herbs, Oh My!: A Guide for the Online Florist

Many new gardeners jump right into the backyard without considering flower diseases, landscaping, or the risks of growing exotic plants. Don't be one of them! From water gardening to youth gardening, this comprehensive list of resources from the Wisconsin Master Gardener Program is guaranteed to cover any gardening-related topic.

Wildflowers of the United Kingdom

Just like people and animals, there is an incredibly diverse population of flowers around the world. Take a look at the flowers of the United Kingdom with these links and online photo journals.

Environment Page for Kids

From recycling to home composting, there's a lot that kids can do to help the environment. Every one of these links is kid-friendly and packed with fun gardening activities to try at school and home.

Tiger Garden

What better way to learn about flowers than by sharing them with the community? The University of Missouri grows flowers on campus and transforms them into gorgeous arrangements.

Floral Designers: Career Outlook

What would life as a floral designer be like? Take a look at the prospects for this unique career in this quick article from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Irish Gardens at Notre Dame

Perhaps a floral arrangement is nice, but not exactly what the occasion calls for. When this happens, the community at the University of Notre Dame turns to the Irish Gardens, where locally grown flowers are sold by the stem for personalized flower arrangements.

Online Training in Floral Design

Few people can drop everything to go back to school, but with online programs, there's no need to quit work. Check out this page to learn more about an online degree in floral design.

Drying Flowers

Flowers, especially those used in a wedding or celebration, can hold a lot of sentimental value. Preserve them for years to come with these different drying methods.

Cut Flowers for the Garden

Putting together a bouquet from a home garden requires some planning. This article from Plantalk Colorado goes through the perfect starting flowers for a home garden and how to take care of a freshly-cut bouquet.

You See Flowers

Buying flowers doesn't have to be from a faceless stranger or company. A University of California campus retailer puts together lovely flower arrangements for any occasion, and a portion of the proceeds go back to help fund life on campus.

Gift Shop and Flowers at Highland Hospital

Buying flowers from a local vendor can help strengthen the community, but it could also help a hospital. The Gift Shop at Highland Hospital offers flowers prepared and delivered within the hospital itself, and all proceeds from the flowers go right back to helping the hospital.

Campus Floral

Every university floral shop will have different specializations, depending on where it's located and what the students enjoy growing. At Brigham Young University, Campus Floral offers tropical flowers as well as jewelry and gift baskets.

Getting Started in Field-Grown Cut Flowers (PDF)

An acre of land can produce up to $35,000 worth of cut flowers. Learn how to turn vacant grass into colorful profit with this article from Virginia Tech.

Cut Flowers at Cedars-Sinai

Themed arrangements can be nice, but ordering flowers to fit someone's personality is always a special way to show affection. This online brochure is another example of a hospital flower shop that makes it convenient for buyers and provides extra revenue for the hospital.

Floral Design: Information and Gallery

What's involved in a floral design program? Get a firsthand look at Hennepin's floral design program with this online photo gallery.

Floral Design Program Information

This floral design course covers everything from the principles of floral design to the intricacies of wedding design. Read more about it on this page from Austin Community College.

Gift Shop Patient and Visitor Guide

Thanks to the Internet, many gift shops now allow online orders. If flowers need to be sent by a particular deadline, it may be wise to check the ordering policy of a gift shop in advance.

Floral Arrangements for Employees

If colleges or businesses have a certain florist that is used for funerals or hospitalizations, the institution may cover the cost of floral arrangements. This page from Duke University explains how such a system works and answers frequently asked questions.

UC Irvine Flower Shop

In-room flower delivery can cut down on a lot of hassle and miscommunication. With the help of the Robert & Marilyn Sprague Gift Shop, a flower arrangement can be delivered to a loved one in less than an hour!

Fresh Flowers, Mixed Baskets, and Wooden Roses

No matter how pretty they are, fresh flowers are rarely allowed in intensive care wards. When this happens, alternatives like wooden roses can still convey the same color and cheeriness while adhering to hospital rules.

Floristry: A Bloomin' Business

Working in floristry requires an artistic eye, but it also requires some practical math and business sense, too. This article from Purdue University covers some of the basic job requirements and where florists might find employment.

Sending Flowers Policy

When it comes to sending flowers, every university is different. Check out these rules from Baylor University that spell out the policies for petunias.

Gift Delivery Options

Flower arrangements come in many different sizes, and delivering large ones can be more difficult. Be sure to consider where the recipient lives and provide directions accordingly if the arrangement is to be delivered by a third party.

Gift and Flower Shops Near Rush University

Many hospitals and universities will have flower and gift shop directories to help well-wishers figure out what options are available. In the case of Rush University Medical Center, volunteers will even help deliver flowers if the buyer is unable to pick them up.

Campus Special Delivery

The flu doesn't care if it's the first day of classes or the middle of finals week. The good news is that on-campus delivery services, like Special Delivery, make it easy for friends and parents to send flowers, cakes, and other treats to students who need a little encouragement.

Residential Life: Flower Delivery Policy

Flower deliveries will rarely be permitted to be made directly to a dorm room. To help keep students safe, Brown University requires that flower deliveries be picked up at the front office by the recipient.