July 1, 2008
African Recipes Secrets Ezine – 002

Welcome everyone to the second edition of the African Recipes Secrets E-zine! Thank you for sharing my love of cooking and baking African cuisine!

African Recipes Secrets has continued to grow since it was launched the beginning of this year. This is all thanks to you and your encouragement and desire to try these great recipes. A special thanks to those who have contacted me to request recipes.

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* New African recipes highlights (recipes added to the site in June, 2008)

* A quick and easy African meal (you get it before it's posted on the site)

* A featured video - Making Liberian Doughnut by AussieCoolGurl

* A featured Liberian proverb

New African Recipe Highlights

The following are all the new recipes added to the African Recipes Secrets website during the month of June.

The July 4th holiday is right around the corner. Some of these would be great to try.

Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast-Casserole with Eggs,Cheese, and Biscuits

Bread Recipes

Cassava Bread with Coconut

Barbecue & Grill Recipes

Roast Cassava

Roast Corn on the Cob

Appetizers Recipes

Sweet Potato Fries

Dinner Recipes

Check Rice and Gravy

Drink Recipes

Ginger Beer

Party Fruit Punch

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Quick and easy African meal (not yet added to the website)

Corned Beef and rice is a super quick meal. All you have to do is cook the rice and heat the corned beef. This is another African poor man’s food. But it is still delicious.

Corned Beef & Rice

one can of corned beef
2 cup of uncooked rice
1 pod of hot pepper

Cook your rice in water with a pinch of salt according to the directions on the packaging.

Place the can of corned beef in a deep pot of water. The water should almost to the top of the the corned beef. Boil for 20 minutes until hot.

While your rice is cooking and can is heating, use a fork and a sharp knife to cut the pod of pepper into tiny pieces.

When heated, open the can with the key that comes with it. Be careful. It will be hot and juices will squirt through the hole as you open the can.

Transfer the corned beef onto a serving bowl. Dish up your rice. Add some corned beef, margarine and pepper. Sprinkle on some salt if desired. Enjoy your corned beef and rice.

Feeds three or four people.

Featured recipe story - Liberian Yeast Doughnuts Video

Check out this cool video of AussieCoolGurl making yeast doughnuts.

She tried the Yeast Doughnut recipe and she loved them so much, she made a video. Who says baking is not fun?

You should try making them too. They are truly delicious.

I would like to encourage you to share your experiences with these recipes with me. Try them and send me your photos and comments. I would love to hear about it and even feature you in my next newsletter!

Featured Liberian Proverb

“You will put my name in your pot”?

This is the Liberian way of asking someone to please cook some extra food so that there is enough for you to eat also.

Now, it is not uncommon in Liberia and Africa in general to have unexpected and 'uninvited' visitors stop by just in time for lunch. As a result, most households cook a large amount of food, certainly more than enough for the house. This is just a part of the African hospitality.

Asking to have your name put in somebody's pot is usually just a formality. So now I'm thinking, instead of asking someone to include you in their 'pot', maybe it's just a way of saying "you can expect me to come by at lunch time to eat".

Special offer

I apologize but African Recipes Secrets will not be able to offer food items as indicated in the introductory issue of this E-zine.

I really didn't think it through. Food items are perishable. Since I do not use preservatives, mailing food items will be a health problem. I am however working on an E-Cookbook and will let you know when it will become available.

Please contact me and tell me what you think about the site, recipes, or newsletter. I'd love to hear from you.

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