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African Recipes Secrets Ezine, #006 -- Issue #6
February 18, 2013

African Recipes Secrets E-zine – 006

February 15, 2013

Welcome everyone to the sixth edition of the African Recipes Secrets E-zine! Thanks to all of those who have taken the time to email your appreciation for the recipes on the website. Also, thanks for sharing my love of cooking and baking Liberian and other African cuisine!

I am sorry that you have not heard from me in a while. I've had it pretty rough the past several years and I am only just able to begin to work on my website again.

This is a short edition of the E-Zine which primarily serves to announce the new African Recipes Secrets E-Cookbook. I have had numerous requests for an E-Cookbook so I hope that you will find it affordable and useful.

Thanks again for visiting my website and trying out some of my African recipes.

Your Kitchen Helper,


All New African Recipes Secrets E-COOKBOOK

The African Recipes Secrets E-Cookbook is finally here!!! You can make your own Recipe Book with the printable pdf file. Download, print, hole-punch, and place in a three-ring binder.

The Result - A ready to use cookbook that contains all your favorite recipes. No need to be glued to your computer while you cook or bake any longer. Check it out here.

New African Recipe Highlight - Palm Butter

Palm Butter is a favorite dish in Liberia. I have had so many requests for this recipe and so I am pleased to add it to the website, finally.

Palm Butter

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Thanks again for visiting my site and trying out my recipes. YOU are worth all the time and effort!

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