Insure Your Body through Life and Death

People often go through great pains to take care of their bodies. They do this through exercise, healthy eating, and replacing toxic items in their home with non-toxic alternatives. For example, a person may replace harsh chemical-based cleaning products with natural, green solutions.

In addition to the care one gives their body in life, they may also make plans for the care of their body in death. This type of care revolves around what happens to their body after they've passed away, and can include burial or cremation plans and the disposal or storage of their ashes.

For some people, it is important for these plans to be made in advance, so they can ensure that their wishes will be met. In addition, making these arrangements in advance can help lift the burden placed on loved ones who will inevitably grieve their loss.

When grieving the loss of a loved one, a person is confronted with many emotions, and making decisions about the body can be overwhelming and a financial strain. There are various resources, such as life insurance policies, that can help one in making the necessary plans for coping with the loss of a loved one.

Planning for a Life Without You

On this page, people will find a list of resources that will help them plan for the future and for funerals, such as links to pages on life insurance, wills, and funeral planning.

Articles from Agencies That Sell Insurance Online

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The Marketing Techniques of Companies that Sell Insurance Online

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Check for Assisted Dying Coverage When Researching Insurance Online

The blog post on this page discusses a potential assisted dying bill and how it may or may not affect one's life insurance policy. Readers will also learn how many states require the policy be in place for two years while others do not.

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Oregon Health Plan

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OSU - Student Health Insurance

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Group Life Insurance - State of Connecticut

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U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs: Health Benefits

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University of Rochester Student Health Plan

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Consumer Guide and Premium Comparison for Renters Insurance

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University of Houston Student Health Insurance

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National Association of Insurance Commissioners

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Georgia State University Student Health Insurance

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Flood Insurance Reform Resources

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Life Insurance Contract Defined

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