Take a Seat for Storytelling and More

Everybody loves a good story, and the theater gives people many opportunities to enjoy an excellent tale. Whether it is a cinema that shows outdoor films or a design for home theater seating that imitates on a much smaller scale the seating design evident in large theaters, the place where you enjoy your stories helps set the stage for much entertainment.

Today, it is easier than ever to find theaters with accessible seating that make the performances in the theater available to all. Moreover, even those theaters that focus on outdoor movies do a great job of establishing a movie seating plan that maximizes storytelling enjoyment.

But in all of this focus on seating, it is important not to forget the art of storytelling seen in every movie showing or other theater performance. Whether one wants to learn more about university cinema, how to tell a story, or quality home theater seating design, there are many easy-to-use resources to maximize the enjoyment of storytelling today.

Teaching Tales to Children

Better Than a Movie: Seating Yourself for Story Time

This page on the liberal arts has many resources to help teachers and others become acquainted with stories that they can tell to children. The resources are also great for dramatic storytelling arts.

Helpful Literature Links for Storytelling

Here are a wide variety of tools to help teach literary skills, literary terms, popular book series, and much more.

Fun Story Games to Play

These story games are a great way to teach storytelling to kids, and they can be played in many different places.

Virginia Storytelling Alliance

Several contacts and links to storyteller associations, as well as many other storytelling resources, can be found here.

Heroes and Fairytales

Read up on some famous movies and stories via this list of useful links to story resources.

Musical Fairy Tales to Enjoy

Teaching musical fairy tales to children? This site will help you out as you share these stories in any setting.

Kids' Learning Playground

Scroll down to the "reading" and "just for fun" sections for lots of great help with making storytelling for children fun.

Comparative Mythology

These links will help you develop an appreciation for comparative mythological studies.

Third-Grade Story Resources

This list of links from a third-grade teacher contains many language arts resources and other storytelling-related helps.

Teach the Children Well

This is yet another excellent site to obtain resources for language arts and other storytelling-specific help.

Reading Resources for Teachers

This site has many resources that will help teachers with instructing their students in reading skills so that they can learn if the book really is better than the movie.

Learning Fairytales

On this site, you'll find some important questions to ask students as they study stories such as "The Princess and the Pea," "The Ugly Duckling," and several other classics.

Folktales and Fairy Tales

Learn all about oral storytelling on this resource site.

Folktale and Fairy Tale Resources

This page gives users access to all manner of different stories around the world.

Story Island

The links on this storytelling resource page will take users to different storytelling organizations and much more.

Writing, Grammar, and Literature Links

These resources explore the fundamentals of storytelling, grammar, writing, and other skills that are useful for both telling stories and the theater arts.

Story Elements and Fractured Fairy Tales

Visitors to this page will get a good overview of basic story elements as seen in "Cinderella" and other stories that are often shown in theaters, enabling them to better access these tales.

Enjoying Storytellers

The links to audio storytelling on this site will help you experience the art of storytelling in the cinema and elsewhere.

Resources From Storyteller Mark

Find links to storyteller associations and much more on this helpful page.

Learning First Theater and More

Fractured Fairy Tales and other links on this page are very helpful for understanding the theater and what makes it work, whether it be via live performances or film.

Literary Home Theater: Seating the Family for a Story

Folk tales are the focus of this resource page that will give you several stories to tell family and friends.

Fairy Tales and Online Resources

Here is a good resource page related to fairy tales and the art of retelling them. Get some good seating options to make the most of them.

Creating a Movie Theater Experience

You can create a movie theater experience in your living room or den, and this resource page shows you how.

Comfort and Style: Home Theater Seating

Learn how to enjoy movies at home in style with the help of this resource page.

Options for Your Home Theater Seating

This site will help you determine the best plan for your home theater seating.

Movie Seating Shopping and Services

Check out this great resource page before you go shopping for your home theater chairs, sofas, and sectionals from which to view your movies at home.

Buying Luxurious Home Theater Seating

This seating layout product guide page will help you find the most luxurious theater-style seating for your home movie enjoyment.

Things Your Home Theater Seating Needs

The right seating is just one of the things you need for a home theater, as this site demonstrates in its coverage of other important movie seating elements.

Movie Seating and Theater History

Read an enjoyable short history of the movies and theater from acclaimed director James Cameron when you visit this page.

Athena Cinema

This theater in downtown Athens, Ohio, is one great place to see a story play out on the big screen.

Cosford Cinema

The University of Miami has a great spot to see the art of cinematic storytelling.

Moore Family Theatres

A cinema experience is a great way to experience a good story.

Seating Maps

Learn more about the KiMo Theatre in Albuquerque here.

Theaters Sued Over ADA Compliance

Movie theaters must provide adequate spaces for people in wheelchairs.

Suit Requires Seats for Wheelchair Users' Companions

A court ruled that movie houses must guarantee seats for companions of people in wheelchairs.

Cornell Cinema

Learn more about movie options at Cornell University here.

Seating at UCF

The University of Central Florida has multiple venues for seeing a story play out on screen.

Aggie Cinema

Quite a few colleges offer movie theaters, including Texas A&M University.

Weekend Movies

The University of Montana offers weekend movie screenings.

Movies at UNC Charlotte

Learn about cinematic options on this campus here.

Apollo Theatre

This historic movie house has been showing films since 1913.

Movie Theater Accessibility

Making sure that everyone can see movies in comfort is an important consideration for theaters.


Georgia State University offers screenings in its on-campus theater.

Indiana University Cinema

Find out the schedule of film showings on this campus here.

Seating Charts at GMU

Where is the best spot to see a show? See the options on this campus here.

Theater Chains Upgrade to Attract Homebodies

NPR looks at how theaters have improved their seating options to make people more comfortable.

Movie Theater Chairs for a Real Sensation of a Movie Theater

You can re-create the theater experience at home with the right seating.

Student Life Cinema

Florida State University offers a campus movie program.

Trustees Theater

Find the best seats in the house at this facility at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Theater Experiments With Reserved Seating

Most theaters offer first-come, first-served seating, but some venues have experimented with individual reserved seats.

Movie Nights in the Student Union Theatre

The University of Akron offers a student movie program.

Digital Sound Processing and Home Theaters

Design your home theater carefully to get the best experience.

Stereo and Home Theater Systems

A home theater requires good audio-visual equipment as well as comfy seats.

How to Choose a Seat in Theatres

This paper takes a scientific look at seat selection.

Spring Movies

Check out the movie options at the Tate Student Center at UGA here.

Union Theatre

Learn what's playing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Seating Charts

Find a good seat at the War Memorial in Trenton, NJ.