The African E-Cookbook!!!

The African E-Cookbook is Here!!!

We have made available the frequently requested African Recipes Secrets E-Cookbook for the website. The African E-Cookbook is in the form of an 88 page pdf file which can be downloaded and printed, hole-punched, and placed in a three-ring binder. Then VOILA! You have a ready to use Cookbook that contains all your favorite recipes.  No need to be glued to your computer while you cook or bake any longer.

Please note that the E-Cookbook does not have any photos. Photos would make it more costly for you to print your cookbook. And the whole point of an E-Cookbook (instead of a hard copy cookbook) is to keep the cost down, for you and for me. So only the text of the recipes are included in the cookbook.

Order your copy of the African Recipes Secrets E-Cookbook here!

Now available for only $9.99.

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