Refreshing African Drink Recipes ...

Most African drink recipes are tropical fruit-based. Next to water, and when the sun is beating down, there is nothing (I think) more refreshing than fresh fruit drinks. 

Market women selling peeled oranges are a common site on the streets of many African cities. They use a sharp knife to skillfully peel the outer, colored skin of the orange, leaving the inner skin intact. They they cut a wedge at the top.

You buy your orange, squeeze and then swallow the juice right from the orange. You should try peeling and drinking an orange like this.

In many parts of the world , fruits are plentiful, nutritious and inexpensive. We always had guava, plum (mango and others), tangerine, grapefruit, orange, and lime trees in our back yard. My dad also grew ginger and pineapple on our farm.

Growing up as kids in Liberia, we didn’t drink soda except on occasion. Instead, our daily drink was lime juice with food coloring. The cool thing was we were always free to have fruits for drinks whenever we wanted.

So for me, these natural beverages are the way to go.

Click one of the links below for a beverage of your choice. I particularly recommend the ginger beer for its medicinal benefits.

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