Got a sweet tooth? Satisfy it with one of My African Dessert Recipes!

African Recipes Secrets has dessert recipes to delight your taste buds, like this mouth-watering carrot cake.

Africans are into sweets like everyone else. But there is one difference. We usually do not eat our sweets right after meals (at least Liberians don't.) Instead, we have to wait a LONG time before we eat ours.

Why is that?

You guessed it! Our main meals are too heavy and filling, as you can tell from my dinner recipes. Imagine the time it takes for a large plate of rice to go down.

At African Recipes Secrets, you will find recipes for cakes, pies, candies, custard & pudding.

So, what makes a dessert African?

Some desserts are traditional, passed down through generations by word-of-mouth and between family and friends.

These can be made with tropical fruits like pawpaw (papaya) and coconut. Or sometimes, they are made with condensed milk, farina, and edible insects. Roasted and salted Bug-a-bugs are unique to Liberia (I believe).

Some have borrowed from various cultures to create something uniquely different, including a variety of pies, cakes, custards & puddings, cookies, candies, and a few you may not have heard of.

So go ahead and browse the list below.

Happy baking!

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