Looking for Some New African Barbecue Recipes for the Grill?

Look no further. I have some nice barbecue recipes that are great for cookouts, picnics, and barbecues.

Africans eat a lot of grilled foods. But I must tell you, we don’t really do a lot of outdoor, backyard grilling.

Instead, we buy from those who do. Walking the streets in the mid-day sun, you can bet you will hear loud cries to buy your roast meat.

Everyday, you can buy roast peanuts, cassava, plantain, and corn from market women. They sit on the street sidewalk cooking on their coal pots. When I lived in Liberia, I ate roast peanuts for lunch and snacked on roast corn many days.

In the evenings, you can stop by one of the many local cook shops or clubs around town. Many people hangout in these places with friends after work. There’s nice music, drinks and food on the outdoor coal pot.

If you drop by, roast pork or peppered meat with a nice hot sauce is usually available, hot off the grill.

Now you too can sample some of these exotic foods.

Or you can try an appetizer.

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