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... and make a sauce to go with your rice.

There are a number of dinner recipes that are traditional and African. These are Country Chop, generally cooked with palm oil

In Liberia, there is also American Chop.

Liberia has some history with the US. So American Chop simply means a mixture of American and African cuisines.

In Ghana, banku is made out of corn and cassava dough. In Uganda, the main food is banana, made in a kinds of ways. In Liberia, rice is the staple. So, most dinners include rice with a sauce like this palm butter.

In much of Africa, dinner usually means rice topped with an elaborate sauce. But sometimes it's just lightly seasoned, and easily prepared, chicken, beef, pork, or seafood on rice with HOT pepper. Liberia is on the Atlantic so FISH is a big thing. And then some rice dishes stand-alone.

Serve Dinner Recipes in the Afternoon!

You may eat your meal indoors in an air conditioned dining room. But when you go outdoors the sun is hot. So it is customary to drink lots of cold water with meals. And considering the amount of hot pepper eaten with meals, that's another reason to drink lots of cold water. Be warned, that when we say there is a lot of hot pepper added to meals.

There’s another traditional African favorite eaten in Liberia– fufu made from plantain and cassava. In Nigeria and Ghana, fufu is made with corn flour as well.

My homemade meals are similar to what you would eat in a fine African restaurant if you visited West Africa.

Please click any of the links below for some traditional African dinner recipes to try out at home. 

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