Visit the Tropics… With One of My Delicious African Breakfast Recipes

Tropical Fruits

Breakfast recipes usually include locally grown fruits. They are bought from outdoor markets and regularly used in breakfast recipes.

Fruits are ideal for breakfast. They are natural, fresh picked, healthy, and quick.

Because they grow everywhere and are easily obtained, they make up a significant part of the African breakfast.

One of my favorites is a tropical fruit platter served with French bread and guava jam or mango jam.

Have this with your coffee and juice in the morning for a light breakfast... mmm...

African Staple Foods

Staples like cassava (yucca root), eddoes, and plantain, make up a large part of morning meals Africa. These staple foods are heavy and provide lots of energy for people to go through their morning.

They are also cheap to eat… cheap in Africa, that is. Here in the States, they may cost just a little more...but not so much that you can’t give them a try.

Try some boiled cassava, eddoes, and plantain with fish gravy for a nice Saturday or Sunday breakfast.

I particularly love cassava and butter pear. I know it’s not really a breakfast recipe...all you do is peel and boil the cassava. It is a plain and simple, but still delicious, meal. If you like it simple like me.

You can also try some cassava and corned beef gravy.

If you have some time to spare, try out your culinary skills. Buy some calf liver (calf is more tender than beef liver)and make liver gravy . Serve this with

corn bread and cassavas.

You will have to shop at specialty grocery stores sometimes to find them. But these are common in most US metropolitan areas. This is particularly true for eddoes and ripe plantain. Oriental stores as well as Hispanic stores usually carry an African line of food produce. That’s probably because many of the foods eaten in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are similar.

Break Your Fast With Breads

You can try one of my bread recipes for breakfast, with coffee and juice. They really taste great eaten alone. Shortbread biscuits with mango jam or guava jam and pawpaw (papaya) juice is worth the time it takes to puree a papaya.

Cinnamon rolls, yeast doughnuts, plantain fritters, and coffee cake among others,go great with coffee.

An easy meal to feed a large family is a baked eggs and biscuit casserole that my sister Bendu showed us. I think she calls it dunkin. I’m really not sure why but you can bet 'dunkin' is delicious. I will have to remember to ask her. Mainwhile...

Bon Appetite!

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