African Appetizer Recipes and Side Dishes

Appetizer recipes are handy for making some great tasting quick foods like these white sweet potato fries.

, adding a full appetizer menu to your existing menu is easier than ever.

Plantains, cassavas, yams, rice and sweet potatoes are all African staples. They are fried, boiled, or grilled to make side dishes.

Whenever we have a gathering, everyone hangs around the kitchen. They wait with anticipation to sample the appetizers, hot off the burner.

Sometimes the treat is a favorite of many, sweet ripe plantains.

Other times, it's peppered meat right off the grill.

When I lived in Liberia, I had one favorite past time. Sitting with friends outdoors in the evenings after a day's work. We used to eat peppered roast pork off the coal pot while nursing a cold drink and listening to soft music.

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These recipes are really easy to make because only one ingredient is involved. So, check them out.

Fried Plantains

Boiled Plantains

Boiled Eddoes

Boiled Cassava

Pepper Meat

Roast Pork & Pepper Sauce

Roast Corn

Roast Cassava

Sweet Potato Fries

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