New Chicken Recipes For You To Try!

Chicken recipes in Africa, like everywhere else, are a dime a dozen. Chicken is roasted ,grilled,fried,seasoned with pepper, put in a salad, served by itself or in a gravy...

Which ever way you like it, African Recipes Secrets has something for you.

Country Chickens

These local chickens are both hatched and raised in Liberia. They are really TOUGH. You have to either boil them forever or pressure cook them. I am not sure if meat tenderizer works. Probably not! They are that tough.

Actually, they are pretty good for soup chicken recipes and traditional dishes.
that you have to boil a lot. It will likely not break up in your food.

The hen sold in grocery stores in the US is similar to the African country chicken. You can boil it forever and it will remain intact.

Imported Chickens

These chickens are brought into the country as chicks from Europe and raised on local farms. If you want to be able to bake, roast, fry, or grill your chicken, you have to buy the tender variety.

But not everyone can afford imported chicken. Importing the chicks carries the price up. Most people do not earn enough the price of a chicken in an entire day.

In Liberia...

When I last visited Liberia in 1989, the price of one chicken was $5.00. That's how things work in Liberia. There is one price for chicken and one price for a bag of rice and so on.

As a child living in Liberia many, many years ago, we used to raise chickens in the back yard. So when it was time to cook, the chicken had to be chased, caught, and killed.

Back then, this was common practice in the US and Europe as well. The picture of a chicken being chased in preparation for dinner gives new meaning to the expressionrunning around like a chicken without a head.

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