Do You Want To Try One Of My Tasty  African Recipes?

Welcome to African Recipes Secrets! If you are anything like me, the biggest challenge to cooking can be deciding just what to cook. I bet you sometimes get tired of eating the same foods. 

Or maybe you'd just like to make something different tasting for a change, like these delicious and nutritious jollof rice and palm butter dishes.

My name is Sonia and I will be your kitchen helper. I grew up making and eating African food in my native Liberia. I have since been collecting and cooking family recipes for more than twenty-five years. 

You may be wondering where I got my recipe collection?

I built this site to share some of my family's recipes (mostly Liberian) and experiences with you. I will find the Liberian culture to be particularly interesting and unique. 

Why not give African-Recipes-Secrets a try? You can also try downloading this android app. There are African recipes for everyone! With my detailed and easy to follow food, bread, dessert, and beverage recipes, you too can prepare some great tasting meals...and have fun in the process too!

How do you like your African recipes?

Like your food HOT? You've come to the right place. That's because most African dinner recipes call for lots of HOT pepper.

Maybe you don't like it so hot? Not a problem! You can add as little hot pepper (or as much) as you like or simply leave out the pepper.

Besides, you can count on lots of COLD water to help cool things down.

Some of my African recipes are low fat. Some are quick and easy for your busy schedule. Others are perfect for a tight budget.

Planning an African recipes celebration?

Make your day extra special by serving something mouth-watering and different at your wedding reception, graduation party or family holiday.

Check out my appetizers and dessert recipes (like these pawpaw tarts) for ideas.

Go ahead...give it a try. Impress your friends with your culinary skills. I bet they will want to know your recipe ‘secrets’. 

Wondering if YOU can prepare great tasting African meals on your own? Absolutely! My African recipes make it easy for you to prepare great tasting dishes right in your own kitchen (or on your grill.) Africans even cook foods on an outdoor open fire while listening to a storyteller. 

Each of my recipes will practically WALK you through the preparation. There are helpful tips and hints included with each recipe. I want you to enjoy your cooking experience as well as your meal.

So, are you ready to start sharpening your culinary skills?

First, take some time and look around a bit. Then I recommend you begin with one of my quick bread recipes (like this shortbread). Once you try your hand at a few easy recipes, the others will come really easy.

If at any time you have a question or are a little confused, please contact me. I will answer any questions you may have as quickly as I can. I also welcome your comments.

You can also use this form to request a recipe. More than likely, I have it, but just haven't gotten around to posting it yet. If I do not have one, I will ask one of my family members and do my best to have it up for you soon.

Ok, enough talking... Let’s get started...but first...

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