African Soup Recipes...

are handy both for Sickness and in Health.

There is a lot of variation in my African Soup Recipes. YOU can have a lot of fun with these in your kitchen.

They can include ground peas (peanuts), eddoes, and green plantains.

Then there are goat soups, chicken soup, beef soup, shrimp, fish, snails, and crabs.

You name an ingredient, and Africans probably make a soup out of it.

pepper soup is a favorite. It will chase a cold away. You drink it, sweat, and your fever goes away. It does as good a job as menthol in opening up your chest and clear you nasal passages.

Africans like to swallow fufu or dumboy with soup. But you can also enjoy your soup with rice or simply drink it by itself.

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Peanut Soup

Pepper Soup

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