Easy African Breakfast Bread Recipes, Made by YOU From Scratch!

The sweet aroma of freshly baked bread made from my easy bread recipes is unforgettable.

It was many years ago, but I still remember. As a child, I used to wake up (with few complaints) every Saturday morning to the heavenly smell of freshly baked bread.

Wake up to the smell of fresh bread in the mornings!

bread recipesWant a fool-proof way to bring your kids to the kitchen on weekend mornings?

You guessed it! The smell of baking bread coming from your kitchen just might bring everyone in

...with little effort on your part.

Hot breads make for some kitchen quality family times.

Breads (both yeast and baking powder) make up a large part of the African breakfast and evening supper.

There is nothing like bread to fill you up until your next meal. Also for me, bread in the morning puts a carbohydrate base in my stomach so I can stomach my vitamins with iron (does iron on an empty stomach make you nauseated too?).

Breads...to BAKE or NOT TO BAKE... Here in the States, I know most of us make a trip to the grocery store for bread. We bake breads only on rare occasion. In Africa, it’s just the opposite. Most people make homemade breads (including sandwich bread) right in their kitchen.

There are no bread factories in Liberia, so there are many bread-making home businesses.

Local African women tote their bread baskets around on their heads, selling on the streets. Sometimes they make the bread and then send it out by yah nah boys to sell. Yah nah boys comes from ‘here now boys’. This is how you call them over when you want to buy some bread.

Baking with Coals

Many local Africans bake bread in make - shift coal ovens made out of old refrigerators. You see, most locals cannot afford an electric oven. And even if they could, there is usually no electricity in the interior (outside of the city.)

In fact, in Liberia, even people in the cities have been using these coal-powered refrigerator ovens to bake for the past 15 plus years.

Read on to check out some of my quick breads and yeast breads.

Quick Breads

Need a bread recipe for a last minute meal? Why not try the traditional African coal-oven shortbread.

No! You're not going to use a coal oven for this recipe.

Shortbread is probably one of the quickest breads you can make. You can practically throw the ingredients together in about 20 minutes and slap it in a baking pan. Set the timer and let the oven do the rest while you do other stuff. Shortbread goes well with scrambled eggs and bacon.

Liberian plantain fritters is another of my quick bread recipes. It is a heavier alternative to pancakes and it keeps you filled longer too. These are easy to make, flavorful and usually stand alone as a complete breakfast.

Other baking powder breads

Ricebread is a traditional Liberian bread. You will love it. The main ingredients are rice flour and super ripe plantains.

In West Africa, plantains are used. But if you can't find ripe plantain, you can use bananas as a substitute. Most African celebrations involving food will have ricebread.

This cornbread made from scratch is awesome. If you follow this cornbread recipe, your bread will be very light...so light... you could almost call it corn cake.

If you don't have the time to make cornbread from scratch, try this
Jiffy Mix Cornbread recipe. My son Soji came up with it. He buys the Jiffy Mix Cornbread mix and spruces it up a bit. This cornbread recipe is very quick as well as inexpensive. It makes a pretty good cornbread if you are on the run.

If you like coconuts, my recipes for coconut-filled breads really are a must. The fruit of the coconut is used to make baking powder as well as yeast breads (see below under ‘yeast breads’).

Both coconut bread and coconut biscuits put a sweet coconut filling in a pocket of shortbread.

Do you enjoy those banana muffins you buy in the grocery store? Well, here is a bread recipe you can use to make banana bread in a pan. You can also use this recipe to make banana muffins.

Yeast breads

Try this cinnamon rolls recipe for some great tasting rolls. This is a good bread recipe for special occasions. Actually, my mom made some for my wedding.

It beats most catered rolls.

I know you can easily buy ready- made cinnamon rolls, but there is nothing quite like the taste of homemade breads.

Coconut rolls are my number one favorite of my yeast breads. It might be yours too…if you love coconut.

Yeast doughnuts are also made for breakfast. The doughnuts made from bread dough are not as sugary as the ready-made ones you buy. I prefer how the doughnuts taste more like a bread than a cake.

You can control the amount of sugar by choosing to dip them in sugar or not.

Yeast bread recipes use active yeast so it takes a while for the dough to rise. So if you are in a hurry, try this Pillsbury Biscuit Doughnut recipe for some quick doughnuts. It’s not made completely from scratch, but the doughnuts turn out pretty good... considering it’s a quick baking powder (I think) dough recipe.

Another plus...they're pretty inexpensive to make.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake and coconut ring roll are both great for a fancy breakfast. Try serving them to your house guests for a nice start to your day.

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