A Fresh Fruit Recipe for Your Deck in the Mornings!

Fruit Recipe

It's hard to beat the refreshing taste of fresh fruits, especially in the morning.

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This fruit recipe (which is not really a recipe) is pretty easy. And it's really great. You just choose the fruits you want.

Make a trip to your local Hispanic grocery store. Be bold! Try out some of the tropical fruits not found at your own grocers.

Then all you have to do is peel your fruit and slice it. Then arrange nicely on your platter.

I am from the tropics and I love it hot! So, in the summer, I especially enjoy breakfast on my back deck.

I have my one cup of coffee. ..slowly.

Then I have some crispy bread with margarine and mango jam to put a carbohydrate base in my stomach.

Most people my age (well...I'll just say middle aged) can not stomach acidic foods in the morning. I have to eat something with starch or carbohydrates first.

Anyway, then I enjoy my fruit…sliced pawpaw (papaya), pineapple, mango, watermelon…delicious.

You should try warm fruit…warm as if just picked from the tree. Also try a glass of your favorite freshly squeezed juice like tangerine. Or if you have a blender, you can whip up some smooth mango or papaya nectar.

This is really such a refreshing and simple way to start your day.

But enough about me...what about you?

Imagine being on your deck or patio in the summer. And you have the day off!

Or better yet...

you have the luxury of working on your deck, or where ever you like.

Wouldn't that be great? Click here to find out how I am able to work when and where I want and how you can too !


If you have problems with acid indigestion, make sure to eat a slice or two of toast or a piece of home baked bread.

If you are eating warm fruit, store left overs in the refrigerator.

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