Jollof Rice, a Traditional Sunday Liberian Dinner

Why not try Jollof Rice this Sunday. It makes for a wonderfully tasty and easy Sunday dinner.

Everyone likes it, adults and kids alike. I still remember as a child eating this meal every single Sunday.

There are several ways to cook this dish. This particular recipe came about by trial and error. It turned out to be a simplified version. Which simply means that I have used fewer ingredients and you can feel free to add more meats of your choice.

I didn't know how to cook it. So I asked my Mom and my cousin Yvonne how they cooked it. Then I made it several times, making changes here and there, particularly using less fatty meats.

I have made it how I like it. Once you try it, you can experiment with various meats, vegetables, seasonings and amount of oil. Then you will have the perfect recipe for your taste.

Jollof rice can stand alone as a meal or you can serve with fried chicken and fried plantains.

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