Roast Cassava with Your Barbecue

Roast cassava is made from the root of the Yucca plant. Yucca root is an African staple and is eaten boiled, fried, and roasted.

In Africa, we roast it on a coal pot. Coal pots do not normally have racks like a grill. So the cassava cooks directly on the slow burning coals.

You can find fresh Yucca root at most grocery stores. Check in the produce
section for yucca.

If not, you can also find it in your local Spanish or oriental store.

It’s quick and easy. Here's what you do:

Peel your yucca using a small sharp knife. Put peeled yucca root on the hot grill. Rotate the pieces while cooking as needed. Roast until tender.

Remove from grill when ready. open down the middle, lengthwise. Add salt to taste. Serve as a side dish with your barbecue.

Enjoy with, butter, or palm oil.

You can also serve roast sweet potatoes or roast plantains with your

roast meat, Cornish hen or roast pork.

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