Try This Roast Chicken For a Simple, Yet Mouth-Watering Meal!

This garlic roast chicken tastes delicious. And
you can smell it a mile away (well, not quite).

My friend Beryl came up with this chicken recipe when we lived in Minneapolis years ago. But I
added the garlic.

I like this roast chicken recipe because it uses only a few seasonings. So the flavor of the chicken is not masked.

Garlic Roasted Chicken

One Roasting Chicken
4 tsp minced garlic(found in the produce section of your grocery store)
2 tsp seasoned salt (Lawry's is an excellent choice)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
one pod hot pepper (optional).

Season Your Chicken

Cut chicken at joint between thighs and breast. Hook wings into place behind the back. Cut two slits on the outside of the two drumsticks. Cut two slits on both sides of the breast. This is to help the seasonings to go through the chicken.

Combine Salt, seasoned salt, and black pepper. Sprinkle the mixture on chicken. Use your hands to rub seasonings evenly over chicken. I use gloves because I don’t like to put my hands on the raw chicken.

If you are using the hot pepper, use a knife and fork to cut the pepper into very small pieces. Or use a mortar and pestle if you have one. Spread the pepper over your chicken.

Make sure you DO NOT handle the pepper with your hands. It will be absorbed into your skin and burn or you may forget and rub your eyes.

Next, spread the minced garlic evenly over the chicken. Be sure to also season the inside cavity of the chicken (with both the salt mixture and the garlic.)

Bake Your Chicken

Place chicken back-side down on an oven roaster pan. I use a roaster pan with a drip pan so my chicken does not sit in the juices). Cover and seal with aluminum foil.

Place chicken in oven and turn oven on to 375 degrees. When the temperature reaches 275, set the timer and roast on bake for 1 hr 15 minutes

Remove foil and allow chicken to bake uncovered an additional 30 minutes. Ten minutes before the roasting time is up, remove chicken from the oven. Use a carving knife to puncture the roast chicken in the breast, legs and thighs.

Spread the margarine over the chicken. Allow the chicken to continue roasting for the last 10 minutes.

Finally, serve your garlic roasted chicken with rice or one of these inviting

side dishes.

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Tips: If you do not have any gloves, slip your hand into a sandwich bag before rubbing seasonings and garlic into chicken.

Check to make sure your chicken is cooked before eating, especially if it is larger than four pounds. If red blood oozes out, you will need to cook it a little while longer. It really depends on the size of your chicken.

Please keep in mind that I have added the amount of seasoning that I like and based on a 4-pound chicken. You should add your seasonings slowly (especially the salt) according to your taste and diet needs.

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